Caroline runs various workshops at Top Knot Alpacas in Graveney, Kent, choose from the following:

Paca Pilates

Your session will start with a short health and safety talk, before entering the paddock where we will do approximately 45 mins of Pilates and Yoga in and amongst the Alpacas.  We then have a refreshment break with a choice of herbal teas and biscuits.  You will then get your Alpaca experience where you will learn all about the alpacas and get to feed them.  The whole session lasts approximately 2 hours, but you are not rushed and can stay and ask as many questions about the alpacas as you like.  In hot weather, you may even be lucky enough to give them a shower!

Paca Yoga Nidra

Need to relax then this is the one for you!

With these sessions we start with your alpaca feeding experience, then we go into the gazebo for the Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) and SoundBath, you will be able to sit or lie down for this part as you wish, you are invited to bring any cushions or bolsters to make this more comfortable for you (please bare in mind you are lying on a yoga mat on the grass).  This experience is totally blissful and will leave you feeling totally chilled and relaxed.  Before sending you off home refreshments and biscuits are served.

Family Paca Pilates

These sessions are the same as the Paca Pilates but more child friendly Yoga, you can come as a family and enjoy the Alpaca fun together.

We have a limited number of yoga mats that we can provide at these events, so do let us know as soon as possible should you require one.

For dates and times please see timetable below: