Paca Pilates

Relax and unwind your the stresses of day to day life with our Paca Pilates (which actually combines a bit of Yoga too)

Throughout the Summer we will be offering a range of Paca Pilates/Yoga classes at various times.

Alpacas a very calming animals and are great to soothe away the daily stresses of life. Our classes are held at Top Knot Alpacas in the Kent Countryside.

Choose from the following options:

Paca Pilates

A great class combining benefits of both traditional Yoga and Pilates on the mat within the Alpaca field. The class will be approximately 45 minutes long, it will include a short refreshment break with herbal teas and biscuits before a chance to feed the alpacas

Paca Nidra

Experience a beautiful Yoga Nidra relaxation outside in the Alpaca field, listening to the sounds of nature all around whilst guided in this wonderful Yoga Nidra

Paca Sound Therapy

Listen to the sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls - Coming soon!

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