Chakra Balancing

What is Chakra Balancing?

Chakras are wheels of energy situated at various points in the body, we tend to refer to the main 7 Chakras but there are many more. These wheels of energy can become blocked or not turn as efficiently as our bodies would like and this can affect our bodies in many different ways.

Each Chakra is closely linked to an organ, they all resonate at different sound vibrations and can be balanced in a variety of different ways as each chakra has a colour, mantra, crystal, symbol and element associated with it, many people even associate different yoga poses with them too.

Signs your chakras are out of balance:

Root/Base – nervousness, anxious, empty and disconnected, shopaholic, eating disorders, afraid of change.
Sacral – lack of energy and creativity, loss of intimacy.
Solar Plexus – digestive problems, diabetes, liver, lack of self esteem, fragile ego, lack of energy, control issues, mental fog.
Heart – lack of trust, anxiety, emotional, fear and moodiness, holding onto grudges, feeling shy and lonely, commitment struggles.
Throat – sore throat, lack of ability to say what you really mean, holding back on expressing yourself.
Third Eye – afraid of success, eye strain, headaches, blurry vision.
Crown – frustration, melancholy, disconnected to the divine in you, feel abandoned, attachment issues to objects and relationships.

What to expect during a Chakra Balanceā€¦

You will lie fully clothed on a massage couch and I will check in with each Chakra using a dowsing pendulum first to see where any imbalances are, I will then be guided by my intuition in the best way to balance out any issues using a multitude of different ways to balance the chakras which could involve the use of crystals, sound, reiki, massage or even reflexology.

Although chakra balancing can be seen as a therapy in itself, I often use Chakra Balancing during my Intuitive Body Therapies, and indeed by receiving any therapy you will ultimately be balancing your chakras.