Face2Feet Treatment

It’s a facial but SO much more than that, think Zen, think Bliss.  This treatment will start with a Back Neck and Shoulder  Arm and Hand Massage whilst lying on the Hydrotherm Massage bed.  This means you will not be disturbed to turn over half way through, it means there are no uncomfortable face holes to deal with, just you lying a bed of warm water, whilst being massaged into a comfortable state of relaxation, and this is only the beginning…

Caroline will then move on to the facial and your skin will firstly be cleansed with her Award Winning Ollogii Cleansing Balm. The facial is not just about your face though, your head will receive a massage with its roots in Ayurveda, the various Marma (or energy points) will be massaged and stimulated to revitalise your face,  with sweeping soothing neck movements this treatment truly allows your mind to switch off and if you have never had your ears massaged you are in for a treat! 

Just when you think the treatment has ended Caroline will move onto your feet for a Reflexology treatment helping to bring your body back into equilibrium.

This is a truly sensory experience designed to activate your Parasympathetic Nervous System to unwind your busy mind, to relax and rejuvenate not just your face but your body.  Our goal is for your face to look as relaxed as you feel.