Plastic Free – how easy is it?

SO my local town is going on a Plastic Free Campaign, but how easy is that in this modern world we live in? Easy you would think right?

Well I thought it was fairly easy until I saw a friend post on Social Media telling of her struggles and listing the things she would now be able to eat (it was a VERY sort list!), worrying about what she would do when the pasta, rice and lentils ran out, not to mention the problems of Bar code plastic labels on her fruit and veg……. so all this talk got me as a business around to thinking that I really need to be doing my bit.

I am in the process of launching a whole new skincare range and a HUGE part of that process is sourcing the right packaging, my first steps were of course googling for an answer to eco packaging in the uk, not a lot comes up really, eco packaging hasn’t really entered the world of cosmetics yet and seemed only too evident when I started researching. 

The packaging is important to me, it actually really determines the final product – is it high end, do I have high quality ingredients in cheap looking packaging, I can’t design my logo until I source my packaging, again the logo needs to fit the packaging, there really is such a lot to think about.  The packaging really is the first thing you see and for some people is the deal breaker in the purchase. 

I spotted some beautiful packaging with Bamboo, however I would need to import from China – that seems to defeat the object to me.

I have now taken a bigger step forward and sourced what looks like incredible 100% biodegradable compostable packaging.  They are a new company based in Europe and would love to “crack” the UK market they say their product is suitable for cosmetics, but now on further investigation I have discovered that before ordering (at a huge Minimum Order Quantity I might add!) that I have to pay several hundred euros to get my formula (and this is for EACH product I make) tested in their packaging before I can get the necessary declarations needed for Cosmetic Regulations, so YET another hurdle to get over.  I am going to do it somehow, but my eyes are opened once again at how difficult it is to go ECO.

I will be keeping you all posted on my struggles with this Eco journey and if anyone knows of any government funding to help in this process please do send them my way!