It’s January (well almost!) and everyone is thinking about Detoxing – but what does this mean?

According to the dictionary a detox is:

“a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification.”

There are many ways people think of doing this particularly in the New Year, we have usually over indulged over the Christmas period, and I think one of the simplist ways we can do this is to do a Dry January where we cut out alcohol for the whole month, if you are needing support in doing this Cancer Research run a campaign to help you find out more HERE

I think this is a great starting point, but perhaps you want to go a little further – where do you go?  There are many articles out there and many are actually warning us of the dangers that detoxing can do to our Skin and Hair.  If you are wanting to “detox” from within you need some professional advice from a proper nutritionist, I highly recommend JULIE CLARK she is running a free 7 day detox plan, but aside from this offers a full range of support for all your nutritional needs so go check out her website.

Armpit Detox:

Who has heard of this one?  Well yes it does exist and certainly for those of you using harsh chemicals under your pits in the form of an Anti-perspirant or non-natural Deodorant I would encourage you to have a go. Here is a list of some of the ingredients that our poor armpits are putting up with:

  • Aluminum –may lead to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Propylene glycol – an antifreeze agent
  • Parabens – disrupt hormones
  • Formaldehyde – is well-known carcinogenic substance
  • Phthalates – yet another hormone disruptor
  • Antibacterial substances – negatively affects the immune system and endocrine system

These so called beauty products can build up in our bodies so why not do a daily cleanse of your pits for 7 days and see how you feel?  I am going to run a little “challenge” over on my Facebook page in January so pop on over and we can all support each other and see if we notice the benefits of this perhaps unusual Detox that you may not have heard of.