To Blog or Not to Blog – that is the Question?

Writing/Blogging it’s not really my thing but yesterday I attended a support group to learn a bit more about it and why I should be doing it, and our first challenge is to write a blog on the whys we are doing it, so here you go……

My website has been up and running as an eCommerce site for about a year now and blogging is one of the options I have available to me.  At the time of setting it all up I was like I don’t need that facility and that’s just not gonna happen!  But gradually over time I thought do you know what, yes maybe I CAN do this.

Over the last several months I have head explosions of all the things I could and should blog about.  The thing is in my head I think everyone knows all the things swimming in it and no-one will want to know or hear about them, but through a variety of different networking groups I have realised this really isn’t the case, and I have a whole host of things that really are quite interesting to many people (well hopefully, but I guess time will tell!)

Its always very exciting to get a sale from elsewhere in the country to where I live and I think blogging will help me to spread the word about my Natural Handmade Aromatherapy Products and the many reasons I feel passionate about them, so keep an eye on me as I am setting myself the challenge to blog once a week!