Dreads love them or hate them?  I love mine as does my husband.  I have wanted dreads for years, my first experience was in the Dominican Republic going to one of those real “dodgy” people on the beach who assured me they would look amazing and I bartered a good deal (or so I thought!).  Having not done ANY research at all I didn’t question too much what the stuff was she was putting on my hair, I later discovered after a bad reaction on my neck that my WHOLE head was covered in Black Latex Glue.

On my return home I called every dread person I could find on the internet to be told you will NEVER get that out you are going to have to cut all your hair off.  I refused and kept searching and came across this special lotion that would melt the glue, after days of washing my hair I finally did it, I succeeded in getting all of it out with no damage to my hair – quite a thing I can tell you!

Anyway my experience didn’t put me off and I then decided to have Dreadlock extensions fitted, I did this for a few years having funky colours (was great for my Zumba teaching days! ) etc but hated the fact I couldn’t go surfing with them in (shouldn’t get them wet), so it was time for me to dread my own hair.  This is where my great friend Kelly comes in, she spent hours twisting and ripping my hair, we did this process slowly – I think even about a year to get a full head – I have so much hair let me tell you.

I have had a love hate relationship with my dreads over the years, mainly love, but when your head hurts like crazy cos the dreads are congo’ing together and the hours of ripping them apart that love turns to hate.

More recently the length of my hair is making my dreads feel so heavy adding another hate emotion to the mix.

I have always said I would cut my dreads one day for charity and a few weeks back a couple of great friends were Braving the Shave for MacMillan and with 2 days notice they tried to convince me to do it.  The time just didn’t feel right until now that is………………………………..  Last week my hair was really not getting my love and I saw a post locally about a 2 and half year old girl who’s mum is trying to raise £300K to send her daughter to the States to save her life, please read the link HERE for her crowdfunding page.

Perfect timing, so yesterday I felt ready to really do this, I have now booked the date created the event on FB and now find myself busy looking at Pinterest ideas for hair cuts and colours.

I am planning on conquering my fear of Facebook Live with the help of Kerry Hales (Live addict and fabulous coach) at my Dread Off event On Saturday at Tesco with Poppy cutting the first Dread and hopefully many others wanting to pay me to cut each dread off!

For more information on the event click here.